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Sell-Side Tools for Analysts, Sales, Management, and research publication staff
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Research Maestro
Research MaestroTM is our flagship equity research publication solution that plugs directly into Word. As a next-generation Hybrid/Cloud solution ... It's in the Cloud, but accessed through word!
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Client BI/CRM
Our New Client Contact BI/CRM Tools were designed from the ground up to accelerate your Client interactions while improving your effectiveness and efficiency. Stay in touch and amplify your impact. Drill-down BI dashboards to find hidden oppertunities.!
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Compliance Engine
Once you're done editing, our compliance engine generates all of your NASD 2711 compliant disclosures directly into your Word document in seconds.
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Analyst Tools
Bring the power of the Cloud into your Word document. Painlessly pull market data and estimates directly into your Word document in seconds.
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Document Management
Push documents through your production process and track their status from within word. They're stored and managed in the cloud ... but managed from within Word.

(NOTE: in beta testing)
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Document Distribution
Our platform speeds up the process and delivers better client readership intelligence, allowing you to fine-tune your marketing strategy. Meeting your NASD audit trail requirements and give your analyst access to fast document retrieval when on the road. (NOTE: under development)
Improve Your Publication Throughput

If you’re an editor, you’ll love our publication tools and you’ll be amazed at the productivity levels you’ll achieve. Blue-Compass has novel hybrid-Cloud plug-ins that you can access directly from within Microsoft Word, because we believe that analysts and editors should create great research within the most productive editing environment on the market. We’ll provide you with best-in-class compliance, document management and publishing tools that get your product out the door before the competition.
Get The Trade ...

With trading volumes down, it’s never been more important to get your product out quickly and in front of your clients. We know where the bottle-necks are and designed our product from the ground up with this in mind. Blue-Compass knows that once news breaks, seconds count and we’re focused on providing the fastest product turnaround solution in the industry. We can help your platform close event driven trades by moving your reports to the front of the line. If your clients aren’t reading your research first, they might as well be reading it last.
Analyst Tools That Sell ...

We’ve been on the road and know what it’s like to have no access to your proprietary data when you’re pitching to a client. With just a few taps and swipes on your mobile device, our Analyst Productivity Tools (coming soon) allow rapid drill down and display so that your analysts can not only keep their client discussions going, but also back them up with the facts.

*New BI/CRM Tools Released